Outdoor protection for your home

We often tend to concentrate on the main entry locks all too intensely while forgetting about all the possibilities a garden or backyard area can offer an opportunist or simply lucky burglar. Before calling the locksmith services in Bournemouth to get our locks fixed, let's enlist a couple of tips to make sure your garden is protected and it would protect the home accordingly.

Protect your tool shed well

Tool-shed may not have any expensive items stored, but many people tend to store some tools where which can act as helpers for burglars. Ladders are the Nr. 1 target but axes and similar tools should be well locked, to eliminate any risk of someone get to them easily. This is also true for all those tool and equipment which can be stolen or used as a weapon. Install a good lock and a good additional padlock on the door of the tool-shed. Any experienced, certified Bournemouth locksmith can help you getting this done.

Garage protection and window cover

We don't really protect our backyard garage as much as we should in most cases because it's out of sight and we don't tend to think it's vulnerable at all. However garages are very often used by intruders. Pay special attention to cover and lock your garage windows so that burglars would not see what's on the inside. Additional lock systems such as deadbolt locks should be added to the often automated lock systems.

Protect your basement

Basements are also often used by intruders. Their windows are often left opened for letting fresh air to get in. However even small windows can be vulnerable spots as they can prove to be just large enough for someone smaller to get through. Add additional grills in front of basement windows which are wall mounted so they cannot just be taken off so easily. Grills which are mounted from the inside may work even more effectively.

Plant hedges under the ground floor windows and along the fences

There are so many lovely looking hedges which can prove very effective in both being a great looking decoration and an extra useful protective measure. Large dense hedges such as Firethorns or Blackthorns work perfectly.

Do not keep spare keys hidden anywhere around the entrance or outdoor area

Burglars are more than familiar with all the traditional spots where families hide spare keys for kids, relatives or for themselves, in case they would lose their main key or in case they lock themselves out. Unless you devise some more complicated method to hide your spare keys, these are more likely to be found by uninvited intruders enabling them to get to your home without using keys.

Ensure the whole garden is well-lit

Substantial measures of outdoor lighting is always useful and if the door and entrance areas have additional motion detector lighting it's all the better.

7 Don't provide places to hide

We all love to play hide and seek but the less place you have in the garden for hiding the better.